Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Festive Snowflake Ornament

I have the honor and privilege of proofreading and testing for a wonderful designer, Ira Rott. Her latest creation is a beautiful snowflake that can be a coaster, window decoration, or as I tried it with thread, an ornament! It is a beautiful little pattern, and it is a free pattern, so go get your copy at!
Here is a direct link to the pattern on her website:

I had a roll of very tiny silver thread (size 20 perhaps) and I decided to try this Festive Snowflake pattern using that and a tiny hook (0.75 mm) and was super impressed with the results! It is the perfect size for an ornament for my tree.This would also make a great gift tag for your presents.

Ira is one of THE best pattern writers/designers I know, so be sure to check out all of her lovely patterns!


  1. Hi! The sweater pattern that you asked about is here (starting on page 53). It's a bit tricky because they only show half of some pieces and you have to extrapolate the turns on the other side.